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Together We Build a Solution That Makes Financial Confidence Possible

Our process begins with a client conversation - where we get to know you, and discuss your family, goals, retirement plans and the property and assets you own.  We provide the process and tools that help you talk about money. Our goal is to help you achieve long term financial health. Together we build a solution that makes financial peace of mind possible.

Personal Financial Website Tool

Personal Financial Website Tool

At MC2, conversations with clients are the key to building and sustaining long term financial health.  After our initial conversation, we help set up your personal financial website dashboard, which gives you and your advisor an interactive and comprehensive view of your financial situation and goals.  This personal website provides “at a glance” insight into your financial health and portfolio.  

This personalized financial planning tool acts as a foundation for implementing your financial plan solution. Foundational planning focuses on creating a holistic plan for achieving retirement, education, spending, life insurance, and asset allocation goals. 

Building Your Personal Financial Website

Step 1 - Conversation about family, goals, retirement plans & owned property

  • Relationship questions, such as marital status.  Relationships are important factors in planning your future, priorities, and life goals.
  • Who are the important people in your life, including family, close friends and business partners. Adding these people to your profile helps us account for them as we work together.  You’ll be able to set up goals for these individuals, as well as assign them as beneficiaries and owners to accounts and policies.

Step 2 - Describe "What's on Your Mind"

These are the facets of planning for your financial future.

  • Retirement planning
  • Caring for parents
  • Saving for College
  • Managing a budget
  • Minimizing taxes
  • Providing a legacy
  • Contributing to charity
  • Saving for major purchases
  • Investment management
  • Any others?

Step 3 - Prioritize

Prioritize the categories you have described in Step 2. Everybody's needs and situation are different.  Prioritizing these helps us set up the most effective solution to match your goals and needs.

Step 4 - Describe "What Keeps You up at Night"

We help you prepare for situations which are out of your control.

  • Living too long and exhausting your money
  • A child with special needs
  • Stock market volatility
  • Caring for parent's healthcare costs during retirement
  • Add your own...

Step 5 - What Are Your Retirement & Future Goals

What are your goals for retirement, and what future goals and expenses are you planning?

  • Charitable giving and volunteering
  • Limited part-time work/consulting
  • Travel & leisure
  • Change state of residence
  • Working an extra few years
  • Future education
  • Future wedding/car/travel
  • Elder care

Step 6 - Income, Expenses & Assets

Enter your income and any real estate, personal property, or businesses that you own.  You can also add other professionals that you work with such as Accountant/CPA, Attorneys, Insurance Agents, Investment Specialists and others so that you can have your team contact information at your fingertips.

Dashboard Financial Tools & Reports

Once your dashboard is complete, you can use many financial tools & reports on your website to help keep track of your financial health.  You can also share information with your other financial/tax professionals as you wish.  Some tools/reports are:

  • Risk Tolerance Analyzer
  • Investment / Bank / IRA account information
  • Income, Expenses & Savings
  • Future Expenses (based on information you have entered earlier)
  • A personal vault for your private documents (appraisals, account documents, beneficiaries, etc).